Our Story.

Sixteen Brasserie has metamorphosed into a chic and modern definition of a brasserie. At the centre of the dining room is an open kitchen where much of the menu is prepared, including specialities such as Prime Limousin Veal Chop and Whole Grilled Sea Bass. The bar and lounge, is the perfect place to relax on our sumptuous seating whilst lingering over a beer, cocktail or glass of wine. The restaurant is also a unique venue for private events.  This is where simple creative ideas and value meet a passion for food and drink.

The Restaurant.

Sixteen Brasserie represents quality, contrasts, art, creativity, and the culture of cuisine. Local ingredients play a pivotal role in the kitchen. Our five and seven course taster menus change according to season. With one foot dipping its toes in tradition and the other solidly planted in contemporary takes the best culinary traditions, and creates new food experiences with pure and natural flavours.

We are also able to offer the perfect wine to accompany the cuisine. Using our knowledge and passion for wine, we can make recommendations suited to the occasion and the wishes and budget of the guest. Sixteen Brasserie has a generous selection of wines by the glass in a wide range of prices.

Our restaurant manager welcomes you to our exclusive yet understated surroundings with the option of a private dining room. In the summer months, we also put tables on the terrace.

The Lounge.

The bar lounge is a haven for cocktails with casual seating for up to 20 guests. In the evening guests can call in for a relaxing drink with no need to dine in the restaurant.

The lounge offers delicious canapés or something from our lighter menu with futuristic sounds in a modish and sophisticated ambience, sublime dining awaits at Sixteen Brasserie. Stylish to casual, indoor to outdoor, daylight to night fall, it is the playground of the crème de la crème of society.

Alternatively, arrive early for your dinner reservation in an evening and enjoy a pre-dinner drink in the chic bar surroundings.



About The Club.

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Receive 20% off Beverages.
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Friday – Sunday

Receive 10% off Beverages.

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